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Graduate and school leaver recruitment
Undergraduate and postgraduate study

Blog_LogoThis blog goes face to face with the real issues affecting our complex and sometimes challenging world of recruitment and student course selection. It also hooks into the latest findings by our student research specialists, trendence – so it’s a good place to gather additional know-how if you’ve colleagues to inform, inspire and to engage.

We aim to state the facts in a clear and catchy manner. But we’re also here to listen. So if you’ve a stance to take and something to say then please leave a comment – or even suggest a topic for us to tackle. And we’ll be welcoming guest bloggers to our ranks – maybe you? We’d be delighted indeed if it were you.

We stay close to universities and enjoy good relations with careers services so we can support them in their guidance and information work with students. And we value equally our long-standing contacts with employers who are, in the final analysis, the people who provide well-matched homes for the talented graduates streaming out of our universities.

But before you click through to our latest views, opinions and findings, here’s a brief summary of our style of research:

  • It’s thorough, it’s stringent and it’s relevant
  • It covers all the bases in our headline above
  • We listen to pupils, students, careers services, employers and university admissions offices

Most of all we genuinely care about the hopes, fears and aspirations of those who handle life’s choices.

The GTI Editorial Team

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