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Recruiting graduates with learning difficulties is both possible and good for the business. By Dickens, it’s fair too!

Regular readers might have noticed that nothing riles me more than patently unfair and illogical recruitment practices. Like a modern-day Charles Dickens, I rage against unfairness but not at such great length, you’ll be pleased to hear. I do and … Continue reading

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Recruiters and universities: To reach the children, you need to engage with their parents

If you are blessed with small children and doubly blessed with small children talented enough to play football for the local team coached by someone’s dad, then you have surely witnessed the parents from hell. Or heard them shout in … Continue reading

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Staff retention made simple. Lessons from Breakfast News

Despite a tendency to elaborate for comic effect(?), I have always been more Hemingway than Conrad. I admire spare prose, distrust adjectives and would rather poke my eyes out with a hat-pin than suffer the closing chapter of Heart of … Continue reading

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